Totally spent my drive to work this morning writing meta about Paramore fan Bucky Barnes


why are the dodgers allowed to exist someone please save Clayton Kershaw

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You can have a gender preference and still be bisexual. You are still 100% bi. You are valid.

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steve rogers hiding his sadness with a smile  

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You should all watch the Korean drama adaptation of The Three Musketeers (first ep. here, with english subs).

Thanks so much for the link!  What I’ve watched so far seems to be very much in the spirit of the Dumas novel (the backstory being “this is all straight-up history, honest guv; I found these memoirs and Im only transcribing them”) and the tongue-in-cheek notion of the difference between d’Artagnan’s (or Park Dal Hyang here) of the Big City and the reality.

They’ve even kept the scrawny old horse!

So I am enjoying this so far and it’ll be great to see how the basics of the story translate across cultures.

And dammit, I know, I just know, I’m still going to fall for Athos (or the Crown Prince who renounces the throne as he is here) in this adaptation.

Just finished watching this first episode and it is indeed very enjoyable, and unexpectedly hilarious in parts even beyond the typical campiness! Aramis is a cocky little so-and-so who starts intrigues, Porthos giggles at everything, Athos is classy as all hell but still kind of clueless about some aspects of human nature from those below his station. It all fits very well. Looking forward to the next ep!

(Also agarthanguide and I weirdly like the idea of ‘Athos’ and ‘Constance’ in an arranged marriage. Carefully taking care of each other and both being too fond of d’Artagnan for either of their own goods.)

oh wow I love this adaptation. Dal Hyang is a glorious failboat, Athos doesn’t understand how human emotions work and is kind of scared of them, Porthos thinks everything is hilarious, and poor Aramis stands off to the side going “I’m too pretty for this shit.” Everyone should watch this.

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do not fall in love with people like me, i will blog about it

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fucking SPORTS, dude. :D


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it was SO CLOSE and still an amazing game and BUSTER <3 <3 <3 and BUMGARNER and just. ugh. my teeeeeeeeeam.

i love this stupid team. even when i’m mad at them or don’t feel much like being around them, i still love them completely wow. because sometimes they do stuff like tonight and they make an extremely shitty day feel very far away. 

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7/27/14: [X]

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